* To Motivate,Educate and Empower our students by a vision of Excellence, Innovation and best Moral and Physical development in them *
Academic Awards

In order to motivate & encourage the students the school honors the outstanding students in Academics by a number of prizes. Criteria are as follows:

  1. Certificate of Merit: Al grade in all subjects.
  2. Scholar Badge :
    a).Minimum grade points :47
    b).Minimum two Al grades & three A2 grades
  3. Scholar Gown / Blazer: It shall be awarded to a student on yearly basis on the basis of the following parameters
    a. Academic performance
    b. Discipline
    c. Participation in various lima school & Inter school activities.
  4. Points are to be allotted for each parameter


    Academic performance
    (10 points)

    (II) points)

    .Activities Olympiads

    Classics xl-XII

    Participation in ((A: 02 points

    90% & above in all subjects :10 points

    Rank I : 08 points

    80% & above in all subjects :08 points

    Rank 11:06 points

    75% & above in all subjects : 06 points

    Rank III: 04 points

    70% & above in all subjects : 04 points

    60% & above in all subjects : 02 point

    Participation in Olympiads : 02 points

    If % as Inquired is in 4 subjects only then
    2 points less than the assigned point will be allotted.

    Rank at School level (within 10): 02 points

    Classes III- X

    Rank at City level (within 50): 04 points

    All Al grades : 10 points

    Rank at State level (within 100): 06 points

    4 Al grades • 1 A2 : 08 points

    Rank at National & International level
    (within 100): 08 points

    4 Al grades • 1 81 : 06 points

    Participation in Inter LIPS Event : 02 points

    4 Al grades I 102 :04 points

    Rank I: 08 points

    4 Al grades • 1 C1 : 02 points

    Rank II:06 points

    Rank III onwards: 04 points

5. Mohta Foundation Scholarship: Awarded to the students scoring highest marks in the X board examination.
Marker Cups
They will be given for proficiency in different subjects.
  • C.V. Raman Marker Cup for Science/Physics
  • R.K. Narayan Marker Cup for English
  • Dr. Zakir Hussain Marker Cup for social studies
  • Prem Chand Marker Cup for Hindi Ramanujan Marker Cup for Mathematics.
  • Kalidas Marker Cup for Sanskrit
  • Sh. Rajiv Aggarwal Marker cup for Computer Science
  • Hargobind Khurana Cup for Biology
  • Marker Cup for Chemistry.
  • Marker Cup for Economics.
  • Marker Cup for Business Studies
  • Marker Cup for Accounts
  • Champions Cup for overall excellence in academic and extra curricular activities.
  • Pro-Vice Chairperson cup for 100°/0 attendance.

    7. Merit Certificate: - A merit certificate shall be awarded to the students who excel in Games & Co-curricular activities. 7. A separate test will be held among the rank holders for the scholarships in different subjects from class III onwards.