* To Motivate,Educate and Empower our students by a vision of Excellence, Innovation and best Moral and Physical development in them *
Krypton Progressive Educational Trust
Objects of the Trust

The Krypton Progressive Educational Trust is a Charitable Trust having the following objectives.

a) To promote educational activities in the area and to establish series of Educational, Technical, Scientific, Managerial & Medical Institutions where boys and girls of all sections of the society get good education of high order, to enable them to become better citizens of the country.

b) To open and promote Schools, Colleges and Training centers with up-to-date ultra modern facilities to impart education for boys and girls and various vocational and professional colleges for higher education and for those who wish to seek proficiency in a particular field of education in healthy atmosphere.

c) To secure to the future citizens, good, education and facilities form the lowest to the highest stage for their physical, mental, intellectual spiritual and social development.

d) To secure to the common people appropriate vocational, industrial and technical education at various levels in order to make them economically self supporting.

e) To seek collaboration from renowned brands for schools, colleges, and other professional vocations for quality education and instant recognition.

f) To explore the capabilities and aptitude of the students and impart education and training in the field of their interest and to prepare them for administrative, business management, defenece or other competitions for higher studies or services.

g) To develop a sense of regard for discipline, better morals, punctuality, truthfulness, hygiene, hard work, simplicity, academic and practical knowledge etc.

h) To take any other activity of general public utility and welfare and in general to undertake all such activities as may be conducive to building better future citizens of India.
Shri Avinash Kumar Gupta
Member of Managing Committee DPS MBD
Dr. Sanjeev K. Singhal
Member of Managing Committee DPS MBD
Mrs. Indu Agarwal
Member of Management Committee DPS MBD
Shri Pawan Jain
Member of Managing Committee DPS MBD
Dr. Anand K. Agarwal
Pro Vice Chairman DPS MBD
Shri Pawan Bansal
Member of Managing Committee DPS MBD
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